About Us

We, the German Evangelical-Lutheran St. Martini Church of Cape Town, want be a congregation where Jesus Christ is the centre and in which the Holy Spirit moves people to be there for each other as well as encouraging others to have faith in God.

The St. Martini congregation in Cape Town was founded more than 150 years ago by German immigrants. Society, culture, and social fabric have changed profoundly since then, and today our community is facing new challenges.

Our church and community center are centrally located in the city center. The congregation currently has over 500 registered members scattered throughout Cape Town.

Our work in Cape Town means mission and community-promoting action among German-speaking children, adolescents, adults and seniors as well as anyone who belongs to the congregation.

We are particularly interested in the more than 20,000 German-speaking people in our city who have lost contact with the church or have never found it. We want to encourage them to believe in Jesus Christ and help them find a home in our church.